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31 January 2016


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Damn, you go, Belley!

Look at him, painted by Girodey, the guy who painted so many of the Napoleonic family:

Shane Doherty

And the Colonial Quadrille danced on...


So wait, why did the Tricolor Commission stop in the United States first? Why not just head straight to France? It sounds like all they ran into was trouble, and you never mentioned the point of the whole detour.


I'm blown away that the National Convention just abolished ALL slavery, in the middle of the French and Haitian Revolutions. I didn't know the French Revolution also abolished slavery. That seems like a really big deal. Could you talk about that a little more in the next episode?

For example: did anyone ever try to bring back slavery in France after it was abolished? Were they successful? Was the emancipation of the slaves mostly enforced or was it widely ignored? And was France the first major European power to abolish slaver outright?

I don't know much about the abolition of slavery in Europe. But if France abolished slavery because of the Haitian Revolution (which it seems they did) and then the rest of Europe followed France, and then the United States eventually followed Europe... one might argue that perhaps, had it not been for the Haitian Revolution, slavery might still be legal in Europe or America today.

...As I said, I don't know if that statement is true, but I want to! Can you tell us more about how these events fit into the larger history of slavery in Europe?

I'm really enjoying the Haitian Revolution. Thanks for all the great episodes!

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