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17 January 2016


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Awesome episode.

I'm fascinated by the image of slave armies under the glad of the Spanish Bourbons (maybe Europa Universalis can release a slave uprising expansion (if you don't know, it's a grand strategy game most anyone who's into this podcast would likely enjoy))

I'm even more curious about the slaves on the Spanish side of the island than ever.


"Flag" not "glad". Stupid phone auto correct.


"Whatever, see you later, other guy."

Mike you are the best.


"The Other Guy" just rabbits and nobody knows where he went? Not even to the guillotine? Wow. What a train wreck. The Gomez Addams in me is very disappointed I didn't look into the Haitian revolution sooner.


Lacking any other venue, I'll just leave this here:
"... but a curious thing happened on the way to the desertion. The Other Guy stepped through the door to his quarters aboard the ship he was fleeing on, only to find himself not in his quarters at all, but instead upon the planet of Mars, or "Barsoom" as it was called by its inhabitants. These would be the Tharks; green-skinned with six arms and ruled by a king, who had a prophecy that some Other Guy would come and HE would be their king.
But actually they were thinking of John Carter, and by the time the entire misunderstanding was sorted out, Disney had lost a bajillion space bucks and all future sequels were cancelled."
- excerpt from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Adam Puckey

Hi everyone! I discovered The History of Rome last month and have listened to them all, and have now caught up on The Haitian Revolution. I still have the American and French revolutions to listen to but have slowed down so it doesn't all come to an end.

I just wanted to say a big thankyou to Mike and to the community that have supported him all these years, for contributing to and creating such a memorable set of historical documents. I think Mike is a fantastic storyteller. I cannot wait for part seven...


In other news, I'm enjoying Brissot a lot more this time around. He was voted 'person Mike hates the most from the French Revolution' in the 250th episode, but here he's sneaking his men in to guarantee racial equality, and a front-runner in abolition... just way, way ahead of the curve on his social issues, is Brissot. Then you remember that he's presently inventing paranoid conspiracies that'll drive Paris insane and the admiration fizzles.

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