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03 January 2016


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Shane Doherty

I know you're not much for videogames Mike, but the six week gap between France and Saint Domingue is an excellent example of laaaaaag and why it is terrible. :)


Bois should be pronounced like bwa and Boukman like the double o in boo and food, not book. Not really important but nonetheless. Love the show, keep it up.


Also, this book on the period covered in this episode is worth checking out. http://press.uchicago.edu/ucp/books/book/chicago/F/bo5504491.html


Mike - I didn't think I'd be as interested in the Haitian Revolution but the series has been excellent! One note: 'bois' is pronounced b-oo-wa (or bwa, as noted above), not like boy.



You mentioned that Gov. Blanchelande arrived at the end of 1790, and that got me wondering. Was there a specific point at which French royal functionaries and administrators were all explicitly fired? Was there a specific point at which everyone at every level of government who had been appointed under the old regime had been forced out of their position?


Wonderful job as usual, Mike! I only recently started listening (I say recently but actually mean more like a couple of months). I started off listening to the French Revolution, then listened to the British and American ones. Now that I just caught up with the Haitian Revolution episodes, I'm stuck having to wait a while week to listen to the next episode just like everyone else! What's a guy to do to get his daily history podcast crack fix? Oh well... I guess I'll just have to listen to your History of Rome podcasts. ;-)


Mark, you will indeed have to catch up on your tHoR - that's seminal stuff. The first few episodes are slightly inferior (Mike hasn't quite found his 'voice' yet, recording equipment not quite up to snuff), but stick with it because the breadth of the project is staggering, and on the whole it's just amazing.
Meanwhile, welcome to the club! I wish I could say the waiting gets easier, but it never does. Just wait til your first hiatus - those are lean times.

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