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20 November 2015


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V. Arnold

Benny27 had the only relevant comment in support of your rebuttal of Niall.
I'm not a fan of western media and their shameless exploitation of tragic events. Democracy Now and TRNN being two exceptions.
Well done Mike. Cheers


If your book is like this, I can't wait to read it. Hell, I can't wait to read it anyway. Thanks for the thoughtful and intelligent rebuttal to a hysterical claim. Well-written and point well-made.

Gerard Farrell

Well-said. Ferguson is s pseudo-intellectual, over-reached himself a long time ago. Good to see someone well-informed and level-headed standing up to his nonsense.


Analogies often can't bear the weight that strident people load on them. People are drinking too much coffee nowadays.


Oh yes and I forget to say hope everything is going well with the next generation of history podcasters you're breeding. Looking forward to more revolutions!

Patrick C

Another shockingly ignorant response:

"150,000 “syrian refugees” have declared assylum in the EU, and Obama pledged to accepted 10,000 by the end of thr fiscal year. That doesn’t sound like a potential army to you? The whole point of the Goth analogy is the Romans let the barbarians through the gate, to settle in Roman territory. Thirty years later they revolted and sacked Rome."

150,000 refugees to the 503 million people in the EU when adjusted to the population of the Roman Empire would be equivalent to just about 15,000. The Romans as we all know dealt with many tens of thousands more than that who were armed and at times openly hostile. They still could have pulled through, too, if it weren't for Ricimer being the worst. Also it's needless to point out that Rome had been letting barbarians for a long time before the infamous Gothic War, it's just its mismanagement that let the crisis balloon to the size it did.


When will your new podcast be coming out?


Hi Mike. I found your podcast very late, but caught up quickly and thoroughly enjoyed it. I only wish it was continuing through to St. Helena. So many great stories to tell.
I agree that the Paris attack and the sack of Rome are different. I think one is a wake up call, and the other is what happens after missing the call, and then hitting the snooze button too many times on the alarm clock.
Two facts that I don't think anyone would deny. One is that Europe is becoming more Islamic, and at a growing pace. The second is that Islam is becoming more radicalized and less tolerant. Unfortunately we do not need a crystal ball to see where this is heading.

Sean Ferguson

As a fellow Ferguson, I should support Niall but having read a couple of his books he follows a narrative that is often baseless; ignores the little people and looks for glory in imperialism at every opportunity.

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