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29 November 2015


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Philip B

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was so hoping you would do another THoR tour as I didn't get into THoR until last year. Very much hope I can go and very excited about the possibility!


Hey Mike, just FYI, the interview link is going to your op-ed. Anyways, I'm looking forward to Haiti! I don't suppose we'll be seeing a tour of revolutionary Haiti anytime soon.

Seth Reeves

Thanks so much for starting up the podcast again! I was afraid we were going to have to wait until you finished your book on Rome. Really hope I can get on the THoR tour in 2016. That just sounds like the perfect vacation experience to me.


I highly doubt the Russian Revolution does not get the same order of magnitude as the French revolution for number of episodes !


I'm looking forward to next year's podcasts! I am also wondering if perhaps you'll cover the Meiji Restoration. I've heard a lot of podcasts on European and American history, but not Japanese.


How many days will the HoR tour be? I'm very, very interested in the tour, however the amount of time I can get off work may be an issue. The duration of the tour will likely dictate whether or not I sign up.

P.S. Thank you Mike. Your podcast series has rekindled my love for history. Big fan of your work.


No 1848 Revolutions???? Or Paris Commune ??


Andrew -

If you are not aware, Isaac Meyer of the History of Japan Podcast is covering the fall of the Bakufu and the Meiji Restoration right now over @ https://historyofjapan.wordpress.com/

Regardless of the excellent job Isaac Meyer is doing, this historical topic could use more Mike Duncan.

John Steinmuller

Hey Mike, love your work.

As a fundraiser, have you considered offering signed first edition, first printing of your upcoming book on your site or Kickstarter?

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