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11 October 2015


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Good luck!


"Nostalgia-soaked" indeed! Wonderful news, and good luck.


Congratulations! I am beyond excited; will the book come sooner if I threaten to hold my breath until it's published?

V. Arnold

Congrats and best of luck.



Jonathon Vogel

So hyped! Can never get enough THoR in my life :)


Congrats! Will DEFINITELY be picking this up day 1!


ohh man I'm so gonna buy this! congratulations mike!

Andre Wemans

Great news and congrats Mike. I hope it is only the first step for a bigger project on the future, like a book(s) about all Roman History but may it be as it will I will wait eagerly to buy the Storm Before the Storm.

Rudy R

Congrats Mike !!! Well deserved, I can't wait to read what you produce.

Mark Mullen

Congrats Mike. Now the voices in your head at night can be shut up by saying to them 'Well I finished the Rome Podcasts series and that's something. Oh and I've now written an actual book so shut the F up and let me go to sleep'.

I can't wait to see it.

Joseph Thompson

Mike, I am very happy for your book deal.n I also hope you will publish an audio version to your book.

Jascha Narveson

Congrats on your move from sound-waves to paper! I'm excited to read it.

Captain Craigbuddy

Beauty! Can't wait sir. I'm sure it'll be amazing. Thanks again


Steve from Accounting

Hi Mike,

Long time listener, first time actually making a comment or anything of that nature. I'm essentially like the Roman Backbenchers except not cool enough to sit near someone to show my support.

Anyways, point of this comment are two requests as well as my congratulations on the deal. If it goes well, Adrian Goldsworthy may have a true competitor :p.

Request 1). Would you be willing to narrate an audiobook available on Audible once your book is released like your inspiration for The History of Rome Lars Brownworth did for his book "Lost to the West"?

Request 2). Assuming that all goes well with the release and you become famous, filthy rich, etc... And have several adoring commenters, trolls, etc... That come with it, (joking/sarcastic tone since I know text is hard to convey tone through) would you be willing to consider and/or write a book about the Flavian dynasty and the politics and situation that came with the ending of Rome's first dynasty and successor dynasty? Much like the period you're writing about now, the Flavians are largely forgotten and not much is out there on then despite being responsible for arguably Rome's most iconic attraction today - the Collosseum.

Thank you again for all of your hard work into both Revolutions and the History of Rome. You are the biggest reason why I got more interested in history and specifically finding my passion for ancient - antiquity history.

Also, if you need an accountant's help, feel free to let me know!



I can't wait to read your new book, "How to Avoid Making a Full Podcast Series on Napoleon".

Seriously, awesome news. Be sure to post again in the podcast feed when it comes out. I'm a forgetful fella


Congratulations! The History of Rome intro does take me back. What is the source of it?


"The intro is one of those accidents in history. First of all, it's not me playing [the guitar], though if I had to do it all over again I would definitely have written and recorded the music myself as I am, quite proudly, an accomplished mediocrity on the guitar. Basically, when I was cutting the first episode I knew I wanted to inject some music to the beginning of the show, so I dug around in the Garageband loops until I found something I kind of liked, and pasted it in. Then I released the episode without ever considering what kind of commitment I was making to that one particular loop. Which I still like just fine, it's just, yeah, it's a freaking Garageband loop. "Acoustic picking 18" for you Mac users out there."

- From the 100th Episode of THOR.


Excited about the news - Told a friend of mine who shared the joy of listening to the History of Rome podcast and he was as over the moon with joy as I was! Good luck with the writing and look forward to reading it


Awesome news!

Is there gonna be an audiobook? I'd rather listen to a Mike Duncan production than read it :p


Hey Mike,

Another long time listener who has never commented. I'm listening through The History of Rome for the second time through and when I saw the title and heard the music for this announcement, I got super excited. I know this book will be awesome and am looking forward to reading it.



Great News best of luck I'm sure you'll do it justice


Hearing that intro makes me weirdly emotional. It is like the warm embrace of an old friend. I missed you old pal. I got 70 or so hours to spare. Let's make a date and catch up...again

Seriously, I can't wait for the book! Let us know if/when we can pre-order or if there is anything we can do to drum up interest/support. Now stop reading comments and get back to your family. Congrats!


When can I pre-order the book?


Congratulations! I'm really happy for you.

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