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27 September 2015


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It seems that double congratulations are in order. Enjoy your time away!


Great finish to a great series. Good luck to Mrs Revolutions for the birth. Great times ahead for you both. But hurry back!

Patrick Joyce

Great finish of a wonderful series. Looking forward to hear from you further on. Good luck with the baby.

Murat Sean

I normally consume your podcasts on the iTunes feed. I came here to say I hope everything goes smoothly with the birth.

I discovered the History of Rome in the Summer of 2013 to pass the time on a 9 hour drive from Georgia to Virginia Beach. After that I was hooked and binged on that entire podcast over the next four months. I have immensely enjoyed Revolutions as well. I look forward to the continuation of the series, and would like to lobby for the inclusion of the 1848 revolutions since I know absolutely nothing about them and would love to hear about it first from you.

Also, in the forthcoming retrospective, can you give us an update on the Marquis de Lafayette? Thanks!

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I appreciated the appropriate imperial obituary in THOR style for Napoleon I. It reminded me of all the great times listening to THOR. I think I will revisit that during the break. Or I will probably try to review the French revolution and wrap my head around it.
Either way, thank you for all your hard work. Congratulations to you and your growing family! And health and safety to you and your wife and children.
See you on the other side.


Thanks Mike for this awesome podcast series. While I still Napoleon deserves a podcast series of his own the last last two was an awesome summary. I read the Napoleon biography you mentioned and you are right on the money. Good luck and God bless on your family and new baby.

Nathan Smart

Stanley Kubrick at one time wanted to make a film about Napoleon and it sounded fascinating. Congrats on finishing this monster of a revolution. Looking forward to the shorter series about the Haitian Revolution next.

Noah Wiener

I don't usually comment on this site, but I came here to say thank you. My dog died today, and listening to this, as odd as it may seem, cheered me up. As a side note, could you please do one on the Iranian Revolution? I know it might be controversial, but I really want to see your take on the Shah in particular, because your portrayal of Louis was so good.


Does anyone recall the name of the Napoleon biography that mike recommended?


Everything was awesome, except the way you pronounced Metternich. That "ch" is a clear H sound in german, maybe a bit soft, but definately not how you did it. The sound you did is written as "sch" in German. And as I love Metternich, that hurt my ears a bit.

Oh boy, mega nitpicking, but those are the little things that do get annoying. :D

Andre Wemans

Great podcast as always and although I, and probably a lot more listeners, would love to have you starting with the dawn of men and ending only in the year 2100 ;) the French Revolution had to end somewhere and we will be here for the next time period. In the meanwhile best wishes for the upcoming increasing in the family, nothing like a newborn to make life interesting!

Dave Connors

Luke - I think the book was Napoleon: A life by Andrew Roberts

Azam Hussain

I want to echo the sentiments of the previous commenters - good luck with the new baby. Your podcasts are getting me through endless baby-related tasks as I take care of my three kids (ages 4, 2, and 4 months). I also want to add my vote to the "Iranian Revolution" box. I think it would really help your listener audience understand some of our current events.

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