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20 September 2015


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No Lynda.com tab on the site yet!


Do we get paid if we give a Lynda testimonial? That's how ads are supposed to work, no? (Not trying to be harsh. I just think that ask was a teensy bit of a misstep. Commercials at the beginning, fine because they keep you going. Asking us to help sell stuff is very slightly icky)

Anyway. Your break will give you the chance to write all those episode on the rest of the Napoleonic era, right? Right?? No? Damn. :(


And his name is JOHN CENA!


Bernadotte was also the man who built the Norwegian capital of Oslo..


I am not a native speaker, but there is something strange about your last sentence of the podcast.

The Duncan family already has my everlasting gratitude for working on/allowing the creation of these fantastic podcasts, but I think in the context you meant the opposite :P


Just want to say thank you for these podcasts. They are very entertaining, and I look forward to going back and listening to the American Revolution series.


Thanks for the Podcast so far, I really enjoyed listening to this one in particular on the french revolution.

I look forward to more revolutions. *crosses fingers for an Irish one*


Are you going to cover France up till the war of the 7th coalition? or are we going on to Haiti for now?

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