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13 September 2015


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Hi Mike, the download for this episode isn't working in my podcast app (I'm using Podkicker for Android). I tap on the link and it says it's downloading, but after about a second it stops and says "Not found". Anyone else having this issue?

Barbara S.

Hi. I'm also having problems downloading the podcast (using Podkicker on Android). Same issue as Holden. I seem to be able to listen on my computer from this site, however.


Sorry to the above and I hope you got to enjoy this excellent episode.
Mike, thank you again so much for the work you've invested in this beast of a revolution. At over 25 hours this is a more comprehensive course on the French revolution than the Great Courses 'Living the French Revolution' offered on audible. I can't imagine any scenario where you're not enormously proud of the work you've accomplished, but just in case, you should feel enormously proud and I hope you do.
My one regret is that we didn't get a supplemental describing the armies and such; explaining why the manipole beats the phalanx, so to speak. Should you ever compile this into some manner of audiobook (and you most definitely should) perhaps that could be added to the work as an appendix, as it does assist in picturing what's going on in these battles. Anyway. Whatever. Thanks so much. You're the future of history, man.

Patrick Joyce

Great lectures Mike! I made a donation after I listened through the American revolution and I promise to make another one at the end of the French revolution. It´s not more than fair. All the best to your family!


If Mike wants to make amends over "Nerd Gate", he could try to address the enlightenment in the epilogue to this chapter. Even if it is difficult to do it justice in an aside, it is important to all three of the revolutions covered so far.


The very fact that you think that amends need to be made shows that you don't understand how free things on the internet work. And that's sad. I'm sad for you.



I seriously hope that Mike has not read my message in the same light as yourself. If he has then I should thank you for giving me the opportunity to correct myself.

Like yourself I am an avid of his work. I also recognise the difficulty of his task, to tell a good story whilst respecting the messy complexity of real life.
He does a remarkable job of this. You can see the strain when he is forced to pass over various interesting characters that he clearly wants to spend more time on.

To my mind, what I called "Nerd Gate" is a very minor issue. I raised it because others has made the complaint. To my ears the suffix -Gate has a humourous tone to it, indicative of media-hype. Maybe that is because I am not American.

Mike was guilty of a poor choice of words, no more. This is a very difficult thing to get right, especially when speaking to people all over the world.

I am of course very interested to hear Mike's take on the Enlightement movement, and its influence on the course of events. What Mr Duncan chooses to address is, of course, his privilege. Whatever his decision, I am sure the podcast will continue to delight, as ever.


So it's possible I may have been super-overly defensive and snarky. I'm just putting it out there. I apologize for the rancor but at least it inspired such an inspired response. Thanks for the post, very much. Sorry, history lovers! I'll see myself out.


That was a very gracious apology. Of course you are forgiven. Please stick around.

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