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06 September 2015


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Mike W

Missing an I. In Coaltion.

Loving the podcasts but spelling miztakes in titles drive me mad.. 😂


Wolf Tone was sentenced to hang but cut his own throat rather than die like a "criminal".


Did my ears deceive me? Did you say you might do Ireland? Oh pleasepleaseplease! We're gearing up for the 1916 centenary here, so it would be very timely.


I'm still unclear about the whole Egyptian expedition:

1) How did invading Egypt damage the British?

2) Was it a province in the Ottoman Empire? What set of circumstances allowed the French to think invading it was not an immediate declaration of war?

Nathan Smart

Everything I know about the Irish Rebellion comes from the first Master and Commander book as the doctor, Stephen Maturin, was a part of United Irishmen.

Denis Byrd

Please cover the Irish revolutions! Both Wolftone and the 1916 Easter Rising.

Not Scott

I have to know: who is Scott?


Thanks Mike,
I'm reading Andrew Roberts' Napoleon the Great and coincided Napoleon's invation with the podcast.
One nice piece of information was that Napoleon had written to Tipu Sultan to join him in fighting the British just as one Arthur Wellesley was heading to Mysore to defeat the Sultan.


There are three waves of Euro Revolutions after this before the Russians take it to another level.

1848 (the big one)

I hope you will at least mention those three eras either in perhaps a background information mini-series thing to a 1848 series.

If you do cover each I recommend:
The Greek Revolution for the 1820s
The July Revolution for the 1830s (because unlike the Poles they won, besides it gives us a chance to finish the Marquis de Lafayette revolutionary trilogy)
And Germany for 1848.

Though it gets complicated with all those sister revolutions going on simultaneously.

Just my 2 cents.

Simon Power

OK I am a HOR veteran, loved the English Civil war and am struggling through the French revolution (well they did so why shouldn't we!)

But I am a Wexford man and was keenly waiting to see how you would handle 1798, yes, there are Irish rebellions aplenty, but this was the one which is still part of the fabric of my own childhood. Your "Extreme makeover podcast" came to my town this week.

4 lines, a couple of zinging darts viz French involvement and we move on. (I cheered like "I know that street" in Extreme Makeover) and then a tease "If I do the Irish rebellions ......"

I'm with Siobhan ... (will begging help?) Please do Ireland ...



That would be great but a huge undertaking.In the larger scheme of things, the Irish rebellion/revolution lasted about 800 years.

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