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02 August 2015


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Rabble rabble continue to 1815 rabble rabble.

If not now, maybe as a possible project once you cycle through all of the revolutions up to [the Arab Spring?] whichever revolution you decide to end with, or after Haiti since it ends in 1804 anyway.

Also some suggestions:

Mexican War of Independence. 1810-1821
Grab bag of Latin American Independence Wars? 1810-1833
Greek War of Independence 1821-1829
Belgian Revolution 1830
Obligatory 1848 Revolutions
Meiji Restoration 1866-1868
Paris Commune 1871


If anyone's looking for a good audiobook, Napoleon - A Life is on Audible and it's a great, comprehensive yet easy listen with a very good narrator.

It's even-handed, making use of all the evidence that has come out in the past 15ish years (we'd been working till recently with only like 2/3 of the documents from his regime, for instance). It's no apologetic, it doesn't hide the seedier side of the reign (the treatment of the Haitians for example, which even Nappy called his own greatest mistake) but it also disputes and debunks the things that don't stand up to scrutiny (not really a proto-Hitler when your the one attacked or Declared war on twice as often as not).

It's a great first bio on the topic, with enough new info and perspective to keep an old grog nard like me interested. I give it five Liberty Hats.


Stupid phone auto spell. There's a your that ought to be a you're up there.

Oh, the author is Andrew Roberts. Probably should e mentioned that.


sooo when are you going to start those lynda tutorials mike?


In both the American and French Revolution podcasts, there is a lot of talk about 'columns' in the military battles. What is this? I'm imagining some narrow band ifs oldies stacked up behind each other and moving forward, like a column. But this would seem very easily flanked.



Columns were good for rapid movement of troops and were also used sometimes in attacks/charges. It's not quite as well known these days as the more traditional line formations of the same period.


Have I told you I would love to hear about Ataturk?

Len Ceved

Thank you so much for your podcast. I am learning so much!!


Congrats. You actually gave a better description of Napoleon's early Italian campaign than the Napoleon Podcast. It's even more complimentary which is saying a lot since you call out his mistakes and the Napoleon podcast is unapologetically pro Napoleon. But in their defense they go into the salacious details on what Josephine was doing during the campaign you can't.

Columns in Napoleonic warfare were masses of men in a rectangular formation typically thrown a to punch through na enemy line. Think of a car hitting a picket fence and you get a good visual. They were hardly a Napoleonic idea but he did favor them. If the column was supported by effective artillery, had a reasonably covered/concealed route, and the enemy troops/dispositions shaky it often won the day - like at Austerlitz. But if those conditions were not met using columns could be a fiasco – like Waterloo.


BTW, Ataturk would be cool. But what he actually did for Turkey could be debated as not actually being a revolution. When he died (way too soon, IMO) most of his work stopped. All his successors sought to do was maintain his new status quo. The current Turkish regime is working it's butt off trying to reverse even those changes. That said, the changes he worked in Turkey more profound. How much so? For starters he changed the Turkish language so much when the government broadcasts his speeches from the '20s and '30s the modern Turks can't understand him. The government has to provide translation. Think on that. If we had recordings of Pres. Washington we could understand him even though he lived over 200 years ago.


Was the German occupations of Jersey and Guernsey not an occupation of UK territory?

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