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19 July 2015


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This is making it painful knowing that you're stopping before the Napoleonic Wars.


I hope Mike is cognizant of how much of Napoleon's historiography is built off his own hype (history is written by the etc). Digging down into the other generals involved in the war in Italy results in some interesting views on the shifting politics of the French army, and how Napoleon would frequently diminish their accomplishments to emphasize his own. General Dumas for example was demoted for basically objecting to Napoleon's self-aggrandizing. Napoleon's success in Italy was partially a factor by the fact that despite how bad the Army of Italy was ran from the top, he had some EXTREME talent in his officers.


This makes me pine for a mike Duncan coverage of the napoleonic era. How can he not? Few things of the modern era were as revolutionary. The revolutions of 1848, the unification of Germany and Italy, the spread of the Code and French ideology... The French Revolution would have been a mere regional concern without Napoleon (for both good and I'll)

@bud sorry, but mike's smart enough to dismiss that revisionist tripe. As you say, history is written by the victor. Napoleon ultimately lost. In spite of centuries of denigration by the countries who won he still shines. If anything his reputation should be *better*.


(His military reputation, I mean. I won't get into the argument about how good or bad he was morally)

Of course he had good officers, and he had the eye to pick the best. But the dude nobody remembers who ran the army before him had the same officers and did squat.


Please do Napoleon history podcast!

Adam Lewis

Great episode Mike.


You've been "about to start" on Lynda's business programs for awhile now--I suggest you actually begin.

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