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05 July 2015


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Not quite the last popular insurrection in Paris - the 1870 Paris Commune uprising took the city. Had they only listened to Marie Roget they would've taken France.

Grandpa D

"Citizens" by Simon Schama is available in MP3 format for download from many public libraries. Free. From publisher: "Instead of the dying Old Regime, Schama presents an ebullient country, vital and inventive, infatuated with novelty and technology -- a strikingly fresh view of Louis XVI's France. A New York Times bestseller in hardcover"


Coursera, which offers free online courses from some great universities, is offering a free 7 week course on the French Revolution taught by Peter Mcphee from the University of Melbourne. The class just started and it is a good review of all the great material we have covered. If you do the work, you can even get a certificate of completion.

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