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12 July 2015


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I enjoyed it but a lot of that sound design was... Regrettable


FYI, you said only one US state, Washington, was named after a person. However, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania are all named after people.


What Greg said: it's like cooking a perfect steak and then smothering it with ketchup. I'd listen to Mike read a phonebook, but I don't know if I can finish this. :(
I'll stop complaining about free things and gift horses now.

James Kendrick

Sorry, but neither link works for me. Perhaps there is a glitch in the feed?


I agree with the comments on the music bed. Very distracting. Would love to see a mix with narration only.

Jannettja Longyear

Neither link works and I am keen to find out what everyone is bitching about.


Not complaining about free stuff but I will pay for a version without background noise. Love your stuff.

Nash Irongay

I liked the music


This is pretty awesome Mike! And what I'm going to say is not going to detract from the work you did. Hwoever - I typically don't complain about production...but honestly, I felt like I was listening to sputnik...and it kinda came off like Chinese water torture.


Thanks for the comments. I have reworked the show with slightly more sympathetic music, if you would like to listen to it again.

Matt C.

I may have heard the later version, but while I'd probably prefer music-free, I didn't find it overly annoying, let alone tortuous. It was cool to hear Mike speaking extemporaneously and perhaps with a bit less of a ticking clock. Thanks Roifield, I'll definitely check out the other 9, and of course as always, thanks Mike!

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