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28 June 2015


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Just downloaded your George Washington podcast. I love the content, it feels like a great bonus episode, but the music is AWFUL. It's terribly distracting and I basically can't hear the content. The music drowns out what you're talking about. It's like listening to a lecture in a nightclub. Is there any way to re-release the episode without music?


I'm loving the George Washington podcast (and personally enjoy the music and sound effects) but I do have a minor nitpick. You mention that after the Boston Tea Party that the response of Parliament that was subsequently enacted was referrered to in the colonies as the "coercive acts". That was the name for it in England but I'm pretty sure they became known as the "intolerable acts" in America.

Joe Arnold

So I just noticed that Simon Schama's 'Citizens' has finally appeared on Audible. I've meant to read it forever.

I'm only through the introduction, but he seems to have an... interesting take on the causes. I wonder if Mike or anyone else here had read it, and what they think.

Joe Arnold

And I'll just note that the book is already worth it in the first few paragraphs. I might have gone my whole life never hearing of the delightful Elephant of the Bastille!!


I just finished "Citizens" a few weeks back and I really enjoyed it. He does seem to spend a lot of time "mythbusting" things around the causes that I hadn't heard of in the first place! Like most books he seems to stop at Thermidor so I'm in "New teritory" with the podcast at the moment.

Oh, and if Mike does T-Shirts again can we have a tourist shirt that says "Come Visit the Republic of Virtue!"


Joe Arnold

I'd buy that. But then I chose Liberty Eating Her Children last time so of course I would.

And it's so comfy!


"The principled objection the the Reign of Terror turned out to be a principled objection to being on the wrong side of the Reign of Terror."

That might be my favorite sentence of history ever. Something darkly comic about it.


"The mob then cut off the guy's head, and mounted it on a pike" - never change, French Revolution.


Since the beginning of the revolution the radical left was winning at
every crossroad acquiring more and more power, and suddenly the
the other side managed to impose a contrarevolution without to much
How can it be?

Joe Arnold

Have you been listening, nati? The far left hasn't been winning at every stage, and a counter revolution isn't what's happening. (Nobody is successfully bringing back the king) It's more like different factions of moderates have been struggling for power ("moderate" relatively speaking, of course). Remember the whole bit, covered at length, where Robespierre took out the Ultras as much as the conservatives, ultras being the far left?

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