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07 June 2015


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Whenever I spout off some nonsense like "the French Revolution is my favourite revolution", it's because I haven't slowed down mentally and taken the time to consider how horrible all this is.
I mean, it Really Happened. And not that long ago.
It's morbidly fascinating to see the total unravelling of a society, how one step seems to logically lead to the next (well, maybe not exactly logically, but understandably) and the next thing you know, Robespierre's literally screaming his head off.
History, man. It's wild, wild stuff.
Thanks again, Mike. You're rocking this.


I hate to be "that guy" but isn't there a huge controversy over whether or not shot himself? There are separate accounts of him being shot when he stormed the room.

There are a few sources out there for this, but that was the impression I always had.


Huge controversy seems to be one guy running around going "I shot Robespierre! I shot Robespierre!" It just seems a touch opportunistic compared to the rationality of the alternative presented here. No one saw him do what he claimed he did, but at least Charles-André Merda got a sweet painting and a Wikipedia page out of the deal.
What I really want to know is, how did Georges Couthon end up as he did?
"He had somehow gotten tipped out of his wheelchair and he lay in a busted heap on the floor", is a story in and of itself.
You can google image search his chair; that thing is not a wheelbarrow. It looks both comfy and sturdy and not at all prone to upending it's passenger.
'Tis a puzzlement!

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