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26 May 2015


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The destruction of history is an act that is hard to wrap my head around. Knowledge benefits all mankind, and any belief system that doesn't value it should be discarded.
Palmyra is just the latest. IS seeks to subjugate people by erasing their history. Artifacts from Babylon, Persia, the Assyrians and other great civilizations past are disappearing. I hope the people in those regions understand that IS isn't waging a war on the West, but a war on the common values, common history, and common interests of the human race.


It really baffles me how hundreds of thousands of dead people in the region fails to raise any emotion but threatn to smash a few rocks and suddenly things matter again.

Disclaimer: I hope that the area is spared and I don't want to take a crack at what we could or should have done years ago, it's the mentality I'm confused by.


As you memorably observed a few years ago, Gibbon once dubbed Caracalla "the common enemy of mankind". A challenger has entered the ring.

Oh, and Steve, what makes you think that no emotion has been raised by all of the dead people? This is the comments section of a history podcast, so, eh...


This is about your rome podcasts, i've gotten up to Hannibal and now cannot get them to play, the files seem to be gone, cannot access via iTunes either!


Yes there is some issue with the episodes! I'm giving the whole podcast a second listen but things aren't working now :(


Glad I'm not the only one with the Rome issue. iOS podcast app shows '0 episodes in the feed'. I only have the half dozen or so episodes I've downloaded to my phone in advance of where I'm up to.


Are you playing them from thehistoryofrome.typepad.com?

Seems to be working to me, tried three episodes from the beginning, middle, and end of the series.


It stopped working for me as well! I'll never know what happened to Diocletian!


Oh I am sorry Steve has nobody ever mentioned ISIS killing people before? Has nobody ever said it doesn't matter? I am so tired of this ridiculous attack on people concerned about history. I got it when I dared to say I was concerned about Ancient Egyptian Artifacts during the trouble in Egypt. Clearly this concern means I don't care about hundreds of thousands of deaths. Somehow. Why it does the people who enjoy launching these attacks never explain.

THAT is a mentality I don't get. What kind of mentality is it that finds concern over history baffling and triggers such outrageous attacks?


Hi John, I don't think we've met before. I haven't had the chance to get to know you so for the piece I wrote earlier I relied on the picture painted of the situation by the media, and the people around me.

To elaborate upon what I wrote; I found it utterly bizarre how the Syria troubles dropped out of the news and conversation, only to re-emerge when Palmyra was mentioned. Next to the seriousness of events in the region it seemed odd that everyone was now anxious at the loss of ruins that the day before not one out of a hundred had heard of. Even moreso when ISIS announced disinterest in the ruins and Syria once again slipped from everyones mind.

I hope my viewpoint didn't upset you, I just don't understand people's reaction.

On the topic of the History of Rome episodes not playing - I managed to play episodes 2, 44 and 129 just fine, perhaps its fixed now?


just donated, love all of these, keep going!


see also... http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-03-10/berg-is-is-destroying-ideas-not-just-artefacts/6292462

Walter Legault

The great crusader castle, the Krak Des Chevaliers, which has stood for a thousand years, was recently damaged by Syrian government bombs.Then there are all those priceless antiquities from the dawn of civilization which were looted from museums in Iraq because protectng them wasn't part of Bush and Cheney's "Shock and Awe" scenario. The desecration goe on. Remember the library of Alexandria?

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