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17 May 2015


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robert mahoney

Congratulations Mike and Mrs.

Benjamin White Chocolate

Congrats in the the second, hope its a happy and healthy baby.
Thx for the pics. Cool to see.

Kevin S.

Congratulations I am currently listening to episode 3.35 holding my 4 day old 2nd child.

Ryan F

I would like to see the Islamic Revolution, myself.


congrats on number two

Seth Reeves

So every week I listen to the podcast at least twice but this week's episode and its description of "Republican Baptism" was so horrible that I might give it more than a week until I re-listen or just skip over that part. The most horrible thing to think of is that compared to all the atrocities all the European countries would commit on each other or to their neighbors in the following centuries would make the French Revolution look like child's play :(


Hey Mike, great show.

I've been wondering... In the endless purges of the Terror, it seems like most of the leaders go to arrest and the guillotine, well, quietly. This show you told us about some who committed suicide, but that's about the extent of the resistance.

Did any prominent revolutionaries decide to go out in a hail of bullets and swords instead? "You'll never take me alive!" and that sort of thing.


Congrats on the second baby. Love the show. Wanted to ask if there is any possibility of covering the Chinese Revolution or is it considered more of a civil war?

Andre Wemans

Congratulations Mike and to all your family, mainly and foremost to Mrs. History of Rome.

Michael Tsuk

Please, please do the revolutions of 1848. I'm sure if anyone can make a coherent narrative out of that year, you can!


+1 for the Year of Revolution!

Mike, thanks for a great show. I am listening to the archive, starting from 3.1. This inspired me to get into the 1989 French Revolution movie. What are your opinions of it?

Rami Zilberstein

Congrats Mike!
4 is real family now...


I hope you have a chance to go into the White Terror that came with Thermidor.

Joseph Miller

I'm new to the podcast but I have finally caught up. I really love the podcast and want to wish our host/guide congrats on his coming child. The revolutions mentioned as future topics all sound great. I would second your idea to do Simone Bolivar's revolution and if possible the revolutions of 1848. Beyond the ones you named I would add the Arab Revolt against the Ottomans, Iranian Revolutions, falling apart of Yugoslavia, and the Irish Civil War. Also I can think of a number of events that are not normally seen as revolutions but could treated that way. India's resistance to British control for example and US Civil War.

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