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26 April 2015


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Man, thanks for these. Between the supplementals and Avengers 2, I may make it through the Tour Drought. As the French say, Happy Travels!


Thoroughly enjoying the podcast. Been a long time listener from THOR, first time poster here.

I've been listening to THOR (this is my second time through it) and if I compare THOR, and the British and American revolution episodes to the French Revolution treatment, I can see that the French Revolution introduces way more people and way more dates at a much faster pace than the first two revolutions and THOR. I'm personally finding my own ability to track the action week to week to be more difficult.

Was there a different historical story telling device employed on this or is it just that the sheer number of actors in the revolution really make it hard to keep it on track?

This is not a criticism as the fault lies mostly with me I believe. The French revolution certainly requires more treatment I think than other revolutions and it would do me well to start from the beginning to re-listen to the FR episodes and take it all in.


I think it's just the complexity of the French Revolution, there are a lot of moving parts and a lot of individual figures who play a big role in the revolution itself and the impact of the revolution on later history.

It might be helpful if a picture or portrait of the main figures in an episode are posted with the episode on the web site. That way if you listen to an episode and decide a week or a few days later to re-listen to it the picture in your head of the particular person stays the same (where as the mental image you create for a certain figure on one day may be different when you re-listen to it later).

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