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05 April 2015


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Victor asked last week about the translation of "Comite de salut public".
Briefly, the Portuguese translation has it right.


We're nearly at the time when Dumas starts getting General ranks and starts doing the absurd heroics that saves his neck repeatedly, hell yeah.

Richard Gadsden

I wish you could find a pronunciation of Vendée that was a bit closer to the French than what you currently use.

I do appreciate that the nasal "nd" is very difficult, but even the first syllable of "vending" (as in vending machine) would be a lot closer than how you currently say it.


Question for the audience or Mike - I still haven't started the started listening to the French. I was waiting for it to finish before starting so I don't have to wait week to week for the new episodes. Did Mike mention how long he expected the French Revolution was going to be? It is already twice as long as either the English or the American ones. No complaints about it being to long - I am just getting impatient. Thanks for any info anyone can give.


I think it would be neat if the French Revolution podcast ended early in July, similar to when the typical French school year ends. Then we could have a 6-week holiday before the next term :)

Michael Richmond

There's a brief comment during the introduction of Houchard along the lines of "thus becoming the first French person without a drop of noble blood to command a French army." Is it possible that a certain young woman named Jeanne may be said to have commanded a French army a few years earlier?

Love the podcast -- learning is a blast! Thanks, and keep up the great work!


@Hufferh, Mike said he'd be stopping at Napoleon's Brumaire coup in late 1799, so we've got a ways to go since we're currently in late 1793. In retrospect, the decision to not go all-in on the Napoleonic wars makes even more sense now than it did then. The over-under betting pool on how long it would take would be interesting. The Spanish Ulcer alone would eat up a huge amount of time (much like it did to Napoleon; no wonder Talleyrand was not enthused about the Peninsular War).

Speaking of Brumaire, have the French gotten around to their calendar change yet?

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