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29 March 2015


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I haven't listened yet, but I got two seemingly identical episodes in the Podcaster app. Am I the only one?


Loved this week's podcast. Can't wait for next week's episode when The Terror really gets rolling.


How did the people of Paris not see that they were being subjugated or did they even care? It is just interesting to me that especially in Paris the masses just pushed more towards blood and anarchy then understanding what was really happening to them. The French revolution has been very interesting for me. Thank you Mike

Patrick C

I really hope that in some future episodes we'll get some detail on the reactions to the complete turnaround in France's fortunes militarily. I've always been impressed by France's almost unbroken string of successes against most of Europe for 20 years and it's the first thing I bring up when anyone calls the French surrender monkeys.


It is the moment to recommand "Ninety-Three" [as in 1793], Victor Hugo last novel. Everyone who has listened to your podcast will recognize many names ; they will read about the insurrection in the West, the crimes of both sides, the Danton/Robespierre/Marat rivalry and the Convention Nationale "under influence" of the Paris crowd.

In addition, it is a fairly short novel for Victor Hugu ; that's social prestige easily gained.


Great show Mike, good work!
A slight tangent, but I always wondered about the translations of some of the names into English and other languages, specifically of the Public Safety Committee. In Portuguese (my native language), as well as Spanish, it is usually called the Committee of Public Salvation, which sounds a somewhat more dramatic than Public Safety.
The French word is Salut, and I am not sure about its meaning in that sense, it could even be health related.

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