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01 March 2015


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David Campos

Maps would help.




I feel like I have to comment on this. I realize the French pronunciations can be difficult, but hearing this one over and over is grating. :P


See the 2nd definition for the correct pronunciation of the French region in question.

Excellent series (just like the previous few)! I am looking forward to the next episode, as always.


Mike, while you've admitted struggling with French pronunciation, you've actually done quite well. However, it might be a good idea to spell things from time to time. I spent a half hour searching for information on the "Vaudet" region. :) The "en" in Vende'e has a very soft "n" at the end of the sound, like Jean Lafitte. More like "vawn-day".

Your approach to the French Revolution is top notch! World History in high school and Western Civ in college only gave this subject a cursory overview. I had no idea (or maybe forgot) how interesting and critical this is even to events today.


Ahhh, Vendee, France, here is a map.

My built-in audio processor tried to translate to google search "VaDay".

Yes, map would be useful.


With regards to your point about the nobility in the VendeƩ, namely that they were far more inclined to staying in their local estates rather than moving to big cities and having intermediaries run it for them, I've actually been doing some reading on this. According to Charles Tilly (writing in the 1960s), the proportion of nobles living in this region was no higher or lower than the rest of the country. This would imply that resistance to the new religious order was the most important cause to the revolt. I'm curious if I (and by extension Charles Tilly) am wrong about this.

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