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15 February 2015


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Joe Arnold

Just got my shirt a few days ago, and i love it. It's good quality rather than the usual cheap stuff t-shirts are made from. Very comfy, too. And I've already got the chance to nerd out twice explaining to people why I have a cartoon giant eating people and the words "devour its children" on my chest. Love it.


Mine arrived to my door in the UK this morning. can't wait to get home from work.

Jsut a shame it didn't arrive before yesterday. I saw Sian Phillips at Birmingham Rep yesterday evening and I would have loved her to have autographed my "Livia did it" shirt.

She was excellent by the way. was doing readings from Collette along with Robert Powell. So I got to see Jesus as well.

Ann Carrigan

Wow, I just realized that I only found your podcast two weeks ago or so (having listened to The History of Rome a while back) and I'm already up to the current week! I guess I've been glued to it. I missed the fundraiser and apparently the merchandise this time around.

By the way, for those who love this stuff as I do - the BBC has had a series of programmes on the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta which you might enjoy. I can add links if they are permitted. - Ann


Really great week Mike. After such a tease last week it was great to get into the real pull of egos from the first coalition.

One question- why did Dumouriez behave so rashly in attempting a 180 on the revolution? Was he so disheartened from the loss, or was the execution of the generals for failure before frightening him into action? It seems crazy to wage a revolutionary campaign only to at one points try to turn the sights completely around.

Thanks again looking forward to every week

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