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08 February 2015


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I wonder if Tsar Nicholas thought about King Louis at any point near the end of his own reign. The two always seemed really similar to me: not bad guys, but poor rulers who were too receptive to bad advice.


Deep thoughts, Adam.


I was wondering what happened to the rest of Louis family, Where they killed on the same day?


Great episode. I finally caught back to "current episode" !

I am a huge fan of Saint Just. Not for his early writing, but for his speeches.
Some orators are great for how they bring you slowly to share their conclusion by pure, cold logic. Some other are great for their shock one-liners. Saint Just managed to merge both - almost every single sentence of his speech is a shock one-liner, but one-liner after one-liner, you are brought to Saint-Just conclusion.

His maiden speech can be found here [for English version] :


As a bonus, he mentionned Cromwell "It is impossible to reign in innocence. The folly of that is all too evident. All Kings are rebels and usurpers. Do Kings themselves treat otherwise those who seek to usurp their authority? Was not Cromwell's memory brought to trial? And certainly Cromwell was no more usurper than Charles I"

One of the few men whose words killed. It is not accident that it is Saint-Just, and not Robespierre, who was interrupted the fateful 8 Thermidor, An II.


Yes! That T-shirts are here! I am now the envy of my colony/commune/diocese!

BTW, if you ever do another Gentleman Johnny's Party Train shirt you should consider using a 1970s heavy metal type design.

Sorry to go off topic.


Dude, you totally spoiled the ending in the title!



Short answer: no. Be assured that Mike Duncan would have mentioned it if so. Their fate is still tragic nonetheless, but I don't want to spoil the details for you.

The French Revolution was absolutely nuts! It is so amazing that the American Revolution didn't devolve into this chaos. This whole podcast has me extremely terrified of mob rule. In fact, mob rule has now moved to number three on my list of phobias, right behind #1) Clowns and #2) Robot Clowns.



It seems to me that he difference in the two revolutions is the product of the difference between those who use idealism for personal gain and the true believers. Just imagine if General Washington was like nearly every man that came before him. The US would be nothing special. Cincinatus indeed.

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