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01 February 2015


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Scott Starr

First, Revolutions is one of the best podcasts around. Here's a question that has no relation to the French Revolution in any way:

In the History of Rome podcast episode 174 "The Sack of Rome Part II" at the 24:11 mark as the acoustic guitar music fades in to end the episode I can clearly hear Kyle from South Park say "Disintegration is the best album ever!!!!"

Is there going to be an Easter Egg in the French Revolution?

J. Van Epps

Looking forward to the episode on the end of Louis XVI. Although jokingly referring to him as Louis the Last, kind of overlooks Louis XVIII, and King Louis Phillipe, not to mention the uncrowned Louis XVII.

Jerome in Madison


Hey Mike, slightly off topic for this episode but...

If Lafayette is at the end of his "revolutionary career" do you think you could work in a post-career overview for us? You have always been really good at summarizing the life and careers of our major characters when they die, for example I loved your reviews of Oliver Cromwell and King Charles, where you talked about their lives and their impact and then said "and now he's dead."

Layfatte doesn't really die as part of the revolution, (thanks to wikipedia I know he lives many more years and eventually gets out of prison.) But if his part of the story is over, I'd love it if you gave him a "wrap up" in the way that Charles and Cromwell got and that I am sure Louis is going to get pretty soon.

Habib Fanny

My first language is French. If you need help with pronouncing any word or name, don't hesitate to contact me. I'd be happy to help.

Oliver Gellerman


Been following your podcast since the start as well as the History of Rome. I have to say that this podcast is great and very informative. The information on each revolution is well researched and spoken very well. I always listen to this podcast during work to keep away any boredom.

My wife loves it too. I recently told my cousin Natalie to listen to the podcast as she is currently learning about the American Revolution. I felt she'd get a fresh take on it and your podcast is a great listen.

I can't wait to see how the French Revolution turns out and I have to agree for you to stop when Napoleon launches the coup that gets him into power in the first place. Less of a hassle to explain the Napoleonic era which also leads to the Bourbon restoration.

Keep up the great work!


My daughter was born on May 22, nearly a year ago. Noticed your son was born May 22. Just wanted to mention that, lol. Take care Mike.

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