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25 January 2015


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I've been a fan since I found THoR at around the Second Punic War. In my time overseas with the military, I've gone through Rome at least 4 times from start to finish. Can't wait to do the same with Revolutions. I just wanted to say thank you so very much for your work and I'm so glad to hear you're "not going anywhere" after the fundraiser went so well. Looking forward to the two shirts I ordered and to seeing how all these revolution work out. Thanks again!

Jackson C.

So Mike, it just dawned on YOU that you can use audio books to quickly get through ultra dense/convoluted prose that you might otherwise get stuck on trying to read visually? Uh, yeah dude... you can absorb a substantial amount of just about any difficult read just taking a walk in the park, laying down with your eyes closed or doing anything which leaves you free to listen! Holy Shit!

all laughing a side, that's so crazy you said Adam Smith Wealth of Nations, because that's precisely what I was thinking about before I even downloaded this episode periods so that's kind of spooky. If there'sone insight I could offer you that will put you leaps and bounds ahead of most people who have attempted to read Smiths most famous work, it is this: you know that "invisible hand"? Well,it's essentially the loathesome, reactionary anti-humanist Venetian oligarchy that metastasized/intermarried into the Royal houses of Europe, particularly after the war of the League of Cambrai.


Yay to more podcasts! I look forward to my T-Shirts!


Dr. Guillotin did not invent the guillotine--they had been around for many years by the French Revolution. He only proposed the use of such a machine to make capital punishment more humane.


Matthew Cohen

I've been listening since THoR, and this episode was the most affecting I've heard. Simply terrifying. Great job.

Ben McNutt

Well it took me this long. After two years, through both the History of Rome and Revolutions, I have finally caught up with the week to week episodes. I've loved every step of the way, it will be tough adjusting to not having eight new episodes to listen to in a row whenever I want, but I'll get by. I can't wait for the next fundraiser to show my appreciation.

Jacob Bains

History Channel Mini-Series in the American Revolution

Hello all fans of Revolutions podcast!
I'm sorry this so late in coming, given that we are halfway thorugh the French Revolution; nevertheless...
The History Channel, right now, has a relatively new mini-series set in the American Revolution. "Sons of Liberty". Episode 1 "Independence", appears to take place just after the Boston Tea Party, and it also appears that the series is focusing on Sam Adams.


I can attest to the fact that there are some books that are painful to trudge through even if you're listening to it since I haven't been able to get myself to finish Deuteronomy in the KJ Bible for a month now.

Omar Soberanis

You should do the Mexican revolution next, or how we mexicans like to call it "Mexico war of independence". Think about it Mexico was extremely connected to the European tourmoil at the end of 18th century and it follow a somewhat similar path to automy as the American colonies.


Antonio Guillo

But the Mexican war of Independence didn't really change the socio-political structure of the country; it would be the Revolution of 1910 that was most influential all over Latin America and which created the modern mexican state. I expect it will be covered in this series, right after the October Revolution in Russia, perhaps. Anyway this whole series has been great so far, just as THoR was.

Dan G

So glad we've got you for another year, and from the numbers you quoted on sales it sounds like you've tickled some pretty good level of revenue, which I can only say is absolutely fantastic, podcast fundraising can be hard and i'm so glad you've cracked this round of it. It completely earnt and owed for the fantastic work you have given us all. Not that you need my approval but thankyou, thankyou thankyou

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