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18 January 2015


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Seth Reeves

Hi Mike. I've been listening to you ever since History of Rome and this is my first comment. I really enjoy your podcasts and I think that they should be considered a national treasure. The fact that you do these things for free week after week and only ask for donations and for us to listen to the occasional ad is amazing and I greatly appreciate it. I'm really excited for the next few episodes of the French Revolution. I learned about it in college but my professor wasn't able to get into the gritty detail nor make it as interesting as you have been able to do in this series. Really just want to say a million thanks for producing this podcast week after week and know that there's at least one fan out there compulsively refreshing his iTunes to see when your podcast drops every Sunday.

Aaron Reeves

Hi Mike,

I'm pretty much identical to Seth above (right down to our last names...)

Love the show, blew through the history of Rome in about 3 months last year, loved it (tour?) Was very excited when I found out about revolutions, I am now and only now completely up to date with your entire back catalogue! Keep up the good work (please)

Neal Breakfield

Hey Mike,

Can you stop being so lazy and start doing the podcasts like once a day please?? I listen to them in the car on long drives for work and love them. I usually end up having to skip one or two in a row (sometimes 3) due to time, so when I catch up I get bummed. So I go back to History of Rome and listen to some of that again, for like the third time now. :) I found HOR when you were nearing the end, so I could really burn through some episodes on days when I had 6 or more hours of windshield time so I got spoiled. Keep up the great work... and oh, yeah, I bought "The Five Sided Cross."

Michael Prall

Mike, why don't you put links to the fundraiser on tHOR podcast and website? I would imagine there are still tons of new listeners tuning in.

Also, any timeline on when T-shirts will ship..?

Dave LaFontaine

Mike -

I've been listening to your podcasts for years - I can't tell you how many times I've been in foreign countries and found solace in your unique take on history.

It seems I missed the fundraiser. So. I'd like to offer something, if the other would-be supporters of this podcast would be interested. There seemed to be great interest in the "Gentleman Johnny's Party Train" shirt. I'd like to offer my services in designing the "Marie Antionette's 'Let Them Eat Cakewalk to Varennes'" shirt, tracing the hapless queen's ill-fated flight to nowhere. I'd create a couple of sketches of possible designs, post them, and you guys can vote on which one you'd like to buy, a la Threadless. Mike gets to keep all the money, and you guys get another snarky take on history to add to the collection.

What say you, podcast listeners? Any suggestions/refinements? Should it be the "Cakewalk to the Guillotine" instead, or is that too dark?

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