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11 January 2015


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Great episode as usual! However, it left me curious about the war after the initial engagements. Were there more fighting during late spring and early summer of 1792, and how did it go?

Omar Soberanis


Thank you very much for all the work you do for us history buffs. Your work is like water for the thirsty.

The only comment I want to make is that I would love to hear your comments on the politcal theory behind each revolution. I love the history part but I want to hear your own comments on the theory.

Thank you.


I don't know if it makes sense (it's just an idea) to mention that Austria was actually a conglomerate of many different national groups, like czechs and slovaks, it was not just austria.

Your number 1 fan from Slovakia


Hi Mike. Just wanted to leave a quick comment saying thanks for all your efforts - I've only come across your work in the last few months and managed to get through the History of Rome in about 4 weeks :) really appreciate it and have done my bit for the fundraiser hope it goes well.

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