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04 January 2015


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Another great episode. What I thought I knew about Talleyrand was completely wrong, so yeah! for setting me straight. BTW, my 11-year-old son is loving your podcast as well. Over Christmas break he binge listened to the French episodes while working on--wait for it--his new Rome 4D cityscape puzzle (double dipping in a way). He already listened to the American episodes when they were first released and on Saturday started on the English ones. He very much enjoys your humor and laughs out loud quite a bit while listening. That is how I know he is actually paying attention!


You should consider a debate with J. David Markham of The Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast for the inevitable Talleyrand follow up. He has strong negative opinions about Talleyrand. Of course, his hero Napoleon was promoted by Talleyrand, but he was also one of the guys Talleyrand threw under the bus when it suited him. Plus the whole non communication with the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire concerning Napoleon's purpose in the Middle East.

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