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07 December 2014


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Eric Dupre

Another great podcast - you're making my workouts much more interesting than CNN.

I wanted to look deeper into this revolutionary district, curious about where it was, since I used to live on the left bank. Searches for "Cordel Yee" and "Corde Yi" led nowhere until this weeks episode mentioned Georges Danton lived there. From him I get the name - "Les Cordeliers." I'm not an expert either, but I think the more usual way to say it would be >.


And if I'm this deep in the weeds, I should donate, so my donation follows this.

Thanks again

Jay Dawson

Just want to say that I recently bought a kit from Harry's razors after hearing the ad on your podcast and they are great! I absolutely recommend them.


I just finished history of Rome and I'm now up to date on the French revolution, so I really enjoy your work!

I'll just say that the way you say Danton took me a few minutes to recognise who you were talking about :P

So Danton should be prononced something like with the sound of Bontemps (as the city in true blood) and on, which to be fair is not a sound present in the English language, but as you say it, it seems like you're mixing them up, took me a while to guess who Dontan was ;)

Cheers from a French guy

Scott Starr

I want my Gentleman Johnny Party Train T-Shirt.

If you haven't already, you need to get Kate Beaton to draw the shirt:


Phill Gartland

Well I'm finally up to date!! Ever since the ios8 update put a podcast app on my phone I've been trying my best to keep up with the fast pace of Rome and the British Civil War.
As a resident of Warrington (I live about a mile or two away from the famous Winwick Pass!!) I was especially interested in the episode formally known as number 9-The Man Of Blood,as Oliver Cromwell has a statue down by the crossing of the River Mersey (Warrington means 'town on the ford' in old English btw-not warring town as many wrongly think) and there's an old cottage by the Parish Church that has a plague proudly stating "Oliver Cromwell slept here".The pub across the road (Marquis of Granby) has some information in it from that period too I believe).We also have a road named in his honour. (Tbh it amazes me The Queen turned up in Jubilee year to open a new Community Hub such is our obvious reverence to the man!) It could be worth looking at as a port of call for your Revolutions Tour one day?
Just as a little sign note,to this day it is illegal to eat mince pies on Christmas Day in Britain.A law passed by Oliver Cromwell presumably when he was Lord Protector

Phill Gartland

Sorry that should read "as a side note" in the last paragraph there.I have no idea what a sign note is,but apparently the autocorrect on my phone does...😳

kevin M

Hey Mike. It may be premature to ask this, and it would also depend on how many others read (reread) Tale of Two Cities but I was hoping you could work in a comment or two about the general character of the revolution as it relates to ToTC. How much do you think Dickens was exaggerating for dramatic effect? (were there really knitting circles who sat daily in awe of the, "national barber" was it? Women named "The Vengeance"?) How does the book pace with your research material? This may be asking a bit much and so I would be happy if you even boiled it down to a yes or no. And for all I know I'm a few episodes ahead of you as the heads are -just- a'startin' to roll... Damn good book. Thx


Yeah, I'm going to need me a Livia t-shirt. Grew up on the BBC's 'I, Claudius' (still a cast list to make British grown-ups cry at not yet having seen it), so obv. I'm convinced she murdered everyone you can think of, and quite a few that you can't.

Question: will the t-shirts be available in female fit?

Brilliant podcasts. I've only just come to them, & am listening simultaneously to Rome & France; England & the US both treats to come. I work in an otherwise silent vineyard, and my colleague is having to get used to my cackling unexpectedly at a particularly wicked summary.

One tiny suggestion. Might it be possible, going forwards, to have a page on here listing which episodes give the mini biogs of which characters?

And when are we getting a proper intro to the mighty Talleyrand, whom I originally discovered via Dennis Wheatley's books, & wherein which he was so awesome that I assumed for many years he must be fictional?

Kristaps Andrejsons

Greetings from Latvia! I do want that Livia shirt too! (Btw, have you ever wanted to do a show on the collapse of the USSR? It was a revolution, technically - barricades an all, here in Riga. Well, at least that's how we remember it.)


what am I going to do now?! I've blasted through all of hisory of Rome, English and American revolutions and am all caught up on the French revolution. How can I live with only one podcast a week??

Remy Demarest

For grabbing money, why don't you try to go for Patreon instead.

Luke Baxter

I felt massively guilty that you have to be fundraising. My enjoyment of your podcasts (I joined HoR a couple of months in) has in no way been matched by my sparse donations. I hope the merchandise goes well but really you should be recompensed for your work. Not only are they the finest history podcasts available they have spawned a genre, History of... Byzantium/England etc.
Please keep going, I am so looking forward to the revolutions to come.
Thanks so very much.

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