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24 November 2014


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Well, that sounded about like it did when I read the previous comments in my head in Mike's voice. Good job everyone!


This is amazing.

gabriel syme

This is not directly relevant to where we are (and certainly not relevant to Emperor Palpatine), but perhaps at some point you'd care to have a dialogue on the subject of the rights and wrongs of the various revolutions.

It seems to me that some of the most interesting questions in respect of the revolutions are questions of rights and wrongs. What should various figures/factions have done? Did this or that revolution actually have good effects? And, most centrally, were the revolutionaries justified in their actions?

If you could find, maybe a pair of interlocutors reflecting different attitudes, I think you would have the makings for a few fascinating discussion episodes. It's far from the beaten path of how you do your thing, but worth the change in format for a few episodes, I think.

(And regarding those interlocutors, Mike - pick me! pick me! I've strong and semi-articulate views, however underinformed they may be, and can even be polite for minutes on end. What more do you need?)


That was fracking highlarious. Especially for us old school HOR geeks...


I was absolutely tickled to see this episode in my feed last night, even more tickled after listening to it. Mike, you rock.

Scott C.

I for one am shocked that the central role played by the Ferengi was entirely ignored in your podcast.


Since we're veering happily off-topic AND being pedantic, I thought I'd add this little tidbit, apropos of nothing:

In the History of Rome podcasts about Diocletian, you mentioned several times that he retired "to tend to his cabbages". Indeed, most sources say this, so I can't fault you entirely for repeating it. But it's wrong.

Sources around here (I live just off the coast of Split) say he retired to tend to his "kupus" or "raštika", which is usually translated into English as "cabbage", but it's doubtful that the plant that we associate with the word "cabbage" today even existed in Diocletian's time. Most scholars and biologists think it was closer to kale or, more likely, collards.

While technically a form of cabbage (kale, collards, and cabbage are all cultivars of the same species), the flavor, purposes, and -- most importantly -- appearance of the plants are very different. Unlike cabbage, which forms a tightly-bunched head of leaves close to the ground, Dalmatian collards form broad, loose leaves that branch off of tall, knobby, wooden stalks. The flavor is rich and pairs beautifully with red wine, smoked pork, potatoes and crusty bread, making it a staple of the Dalmatian winter diet.

The cultivation of Dalmatian collards continues to be a regional obsession, with festivals and competitions dedicated to the vegetable and practically every field and garden edged with a fence of collards. I believe it's even a UNESCO-protected heritage crop.


Wait, Razak's or Rico's Roughnecks? IS THIS ON THE FINAL!?!

Ryan S

I can confirm that Livia had nothing to do with this.

Sam Clayton

There once was a lad called Skywalker,
Whose aunt was a bit of a porker.
She lost loads of weight,
She really felt great,
Then the Empire came 'long and they killed her!

Not really salaicious, but it's a limerick if you want one!

A Facebook User

Okay, that was pretty frikkin hilarious. Especially love the Vorlons getting involved, as they do. Kudos to everyone involved in the writing and production!


But, who sponsored this episode?

Lewis LaMaster

My family can't figure out why I am laughing and laughing while folding laundry :-))


I really hope another episode is garbled. That was an awesome bonus episode!

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