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16 November 2014


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How is the neighborhood in Paris you talk about spelled? It sounds like Courtleyee to me, but Google can't make a suggestion based on that.


Sounds like it could be Cour des Lys or Cour-de-Lis? Still can't get Google to confirm or deny whether my guess is right.


It looks like he is talking about the Cordeliers district. See the wiki page for more details: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cordeliers. Not sure why the "r" was not pronounced.


Whoops the correct link is at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cordeliers


I had a problem with a different place name in this episode and I'm not sure what is giving you trouble (context would help) but my best guess is that you are talking about the Cordeliers district where the famous eponymous club was created.

The following pages may be helpful if you're trying to pin down one of the short-lived administrative divisions of revolutionary Paris. Each deals with a different period and Cordeliers was a 1789-90 thing so you want the second link for that.
On top of the top-down reforms, some of these divisions had quite a few locally-driven name changes you really need some sort of reference to keep track of all the names.


Jeremy beat me to it while I was busy collecting the links (and a few related factoids which happend to strike my fancy). Maybe the links can nevertheless be useful.


This is the first time I realized how close to success the French Revolution got. Unlike the image you get in textbooks and survey courses where the entire revolution is presented as doomed from the begining.


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