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02 November 2014


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Fernando Campos

Ok, this was probably the best episode of the series, probably the best podcast episode I heard in my entire life.

Is this going to be the standard of the series henceforth? Could life really be that great?


The idea of a national church is truly chilling. On the one hand it forces those who don't believe to live a lie. And on the other hand it deprives faith's ability to link people into a global community.


Interesting trivia regarding Maximilien Robespierre: one of the award-winning essays you mentioned was a condemnation of capital punishment. I think it's titled "On the Death Penalty".


Just out of curiosity, what's was the reaction of the Pope to all of this?


I noticed that in the last two episodes Mike referred to all the going-ons as "defending the revolution" etc. I wonder at what point was the French Revolution call a revolution and not just a "reform" or "The Unrest" or stuff-that-is-going-on-right-now?


Tangentially related: read the bit about the wax seals...:http://www.chateaudegudanes.org/captains-log/2014/10/31/serendipity-part-deux

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