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28 September 2014


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Joe Arnold

I know this is off topic, but I thought this a decent place to ask.

I'm halfway through listening to A Place Of Greater Safety on Audible, recommended by Mike at some point(can't remember which episode, or even whether it was here or Rome). I'm enthralled. It's nearly the best historical fiction I've read (mainly things like the Aubrey/Maturin novels). It's an excellent companion to this podcast, and this podcast enriches one's experience of the book.

I want more. Does anyone know of anything that might scratch the same itch, books on a par? Hasn't got to be the same period. I'd generally gone in for other eras, Napoleonic say, till this one so any most any timeframe will do.


Mantel's other historical fiction is equal or better. Try Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies.


I currently live in Boston and would love to participate in the tour while you are in here. Would it be possible to only attend the Boston part of the tour?

Joe Arnold

Oh, me too. I'm in Boston too and I can't afford to travel. It's been years since I've gone out of my way to visit the sights. I'd like to join up for the bit that's here, maybe add a bit of local knowledge.


Hi Brian!

Nate from Revo Tours here. Drop us a line or buzz the number on historyworldtravel.com!

Also, all clear on the link. Traffic overload :)

[email protected]

Big Bag of Mulch

If Mike doesn't recommend the Black Count once the French Revolution becomes international, I'm going to be very sad

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