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21 September 2014


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Joe Arnold

You ought to set up a Patreon. I'm poor myself, but I'd throw a bit into the pot, and Im sure many others would, too. Seems like a better way than the Donate button imo (granted I've little experience in these things).

Joe Arnold

Oh and since the comments are closed on the previous episode, to Alexis, the last person to comment there: this podcast IS on iTunes, just like Rome. It's sent to my podcast app just like Rome was. Not sure how you're missing it.

Jem Edsall

Would love a pointer on who is who in the painting above.


In case anyone's looking for it, the link to Revolutions in iTunes is https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/revolutions/id703889772

Joe Arnold

For who's who in the painting, a bit of googling tells me they're not all specific people, and some of the real people weren't even there. Jean Bailly is in the middle administering the oath. Sitting at lower right is http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Martin-Dauch the one guy who refused to take the oath. Lower left are some sans-culottes. In the window might be Marat.

Then there's the three clerics in the middle, high ranking Catholic, a Jansenist abbot, and a Protestant...

Actually, let me just link the rest as my explanation is getting too long: http://www.anistor.gr/english/enback/2008_2s_Anistoriton.pdf

Mike D

For those who aren't aware, the artist is Jacques-Louis David and the drawing is simply titled "The Tennis Court Oath."

Simon Schama, who made the great BBC documentary series "A History of Britain," made an outstanding eight episode documentary series in 2006 called the Power of Art. Episode four focuses on David and does an excellent job capturing the chaos of the Revolution. I highly recommend it as a companion to the podcast. I believe the full episode can be found on YouTube.

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