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24 August 2014


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This is probably the most fun description of European power politics of the 18th century I've ever heard. Very entertaining! One minor trivial quibble: Frederick William II wasn't actually Frederick the Great's son, he was his nephew (because Frederick the Great hated his Austrian wife and was probably gay, he never fathered an heir). Great job though!


This is maybe my favorite episode of either Revolutions or THoR. Absolutely fascinating, with Mike's characteristic ability to make enormously complicated and unfamiliar events intelligible to the lay mind.

It's a very dense episode though, and I have a feeling I'm going to be referring back to it quite a lot. In anticipation of that, I've just gone through the episode a second time and marked down where everything is. In case it might be helpful to others who will also need refreshers on some stuff, I thought I'd share it here:

England: 2:15
Austria: 3:20
Russia: 5:09
Prussia: 6:21
War of the Austrian Succession: 8:54
Diplomatic Revolution of 1756: 11:17
Seven Years' War: 12:30
Poland: 15:03
Vergennes: 17:08
Dutch Patriot Revolt: 22:41


Really good episode. One quibble about pronunciation: Fief rhymes with thief.

I was going to challenge your pronunciation of Silesia (Sy-lesia) but Webster says you're right.


Great episode! Minor correction though. The old Tsar who died in 1762, paving the way for the rise of Catherine the Great, was actually a Tsarina, Elizaveta Petrovna.


One of the better episodes in this installment of revolutions, although they're all pretty great. Mike, you imply that the disintegration of Poland made the French more insecure about their own sovereignty. This would explain how Napoleon would become popular, someone who could manifest the id of France. But since you will not be covering this, I will have to do some reading on my own ;)


I love this podcast and The History of Rome as well. I find it hard to wait for new episodes when there is a week break or longer. I usually end up listening to all the older episodes and The History of Rome. I also have a bunch of books on audible to. Keep up the good work Mike.


Sorry for off topic post but have you seen this? Korean riot police using ancient roman techniques - maniples vs. Molotov cocktails!


P.S. This Ep of revolutions was fantastic, best so far.

Josie A.

This was a really great episode. I listened to it twice, there was a lot of new information for me about the Prussian's relationship with the Holy Roman Empire (and then it changed... and changed again!).

I totally appreciate the podcast not assuming too much about what we may or may not know. I'm equally happy learning new things as I am to have what I've learned in the past repeated for someone else to hear for the first time.

Great work!

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