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10 August 2014


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Enjoying *Revolutions* and *The History of Rome.* Keep up the great work!!!


Nitpicking correction while listening to Episode 3.3: Joesph II didn't rule from 1741 to 1790. He was born in 1741, became Holy Roman Emperor in 1764, co-ruler of Austria with his mother Maria Theresa in 1765, and sole ruler of Austria from 1780 to 1790. Visited Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI during 1777 and 1781.





It's a total nitpick on the episode naming ... but it bothers my OCD.

I like that you renamed everything 1.1, 1.2, 2.5, 3.3, etc.

Except for episode 3.2, you named it 03.02. Could you perhaps find the time to rename it to 3.2, to be consistent with the rest of the chapter 3 episodes?


Randy Wiechman

Mike, I have been listening to your podcasts since the early republican days of THOR. The podcasts have helped me to get through some rough times, and I went through THOR twice and the late republican crisis several times. While I am enjoying REVS immensely, IMHO THOR is the best podcast I have listened to, including RadioLab and Hardcore History. My question is will the current series go through the entire Napoleonic era, or will you end it when Nappy assumes total power?

Best wishes to the Duncan family,
Randy Wiechman
Independence, MO

John Poole

Mon Dieu Mike this is fantastic! This reminds me of the THOR days when I would scream 'NOOOOOOOOOOO' at the end of each episode. I cannot wait for each twisty turn of La Révolution.

Alban G.

"One of those trials of the century that come along every few years."
Love it. :)

Very good again. Don't pronounce the 'h' in Rohan: pretend it's "Ro An."

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