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03 August 2014


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I'm a longtime THoR listener and I've been loving Revolutions, but wow, the French Revolution has just been a cut above—even by Mike's high standards. I'm blown away by his ability to distill complex events into short and hilarious overviews, but still to give enough detail to leave you satisfied. Whenever I want more on a particular topic, I come away from the podcast feeling like I have the background to find and understand the more forbidding academic works that would have left me bewildered before.

Alban G.

I concur with Will's comment. As a French person, I know the French revolution quite well and all this was new to me.
(But there is no such expression in French as "The merde hits the fan.")


I agree with Will, this might be your best work yet.


Pedantry comment: Limoges as in Limousine,


As always, enjoying the podcast very much.

A question about the revolutions being conducted in languages other than English: any chance we could get a list on the website of the names mentioned in the episode? I'd like to look up more information about one of the gentlemen named in this episode, but I literally have no idea how to spell his name, so it's difficult!


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