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14 July 2014


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Please, please, please make & sell the Gentleman Johnny shirt!

Fred Kavanaugh

For cash flow. . .I'd get the Amazon.com referral link on your bibliography going. . .Since most of your listeners are readers as well. . .

T-shirts with themed Revolutions and

The History of Rome. . .podcast warrior themed hoodies. . .

Chris W

Two things I'd like to comment on.

First, I'm so glad you are going to just let the French revolution take as long as it takes. I can only speak for myself, but I suspect that many of your listeners would much rather have it take a long time but be done right, rather than having it over in 4 months but give us an incomplete picture of what really happened. I listen to your podcasts to learn about history, and I'd hate to only get half the story just because of a pre-decided arbitrary episode limit.

Second, on the matter of funding, have you considered checking out Patreon? It might not be in the spirit of what you want to do, but it's worth looking into at least. Several webcomic creators that I follow are using it now to great effect, getting regular income from those who appreciate and like their work.

So excited to dive into the French revolution, welcome back Mike!

Patrick C

I'm so glad to hear that you're going to cover Napoleon. I was worried that you'd end it at 1799 which would just be the most anticlimactic thing ever.

Ralf Haring

Regarding the new episode numbering scheme, you could also set the disc # and track # fields of the mp3 files appropriately. So the newest one would be disc #3, track #1.

Ben Neely

Just wanted to let you know that after listening to this podcast I subscribed, if I can pay 10 bucks a month for netflix, I can for sure pay 10 bucks a month for the podcast the gives me at least as much enjoyment as any show on there.

I would also purchase a Gentleman Johnny shirt the instant it comes available. Keep up the great work and don't feel bad about needing to make some cash off this thing, you've more than earned it!


Super super happy to hear we'll be staying in France for a while

Steve Beattie

Welcome back. Happy Bastille Day! Forvo is a great website for help with pronunciation:


David E

I just listened to your discussion about the need to raise money from your work. I know that I'm probably part of the problem, as I listen to a lot of podcasts, and while I donate to some, I can't remember which ones I've given to when. Through another history podcast, I learned of a service that might solve both our problems.

The History of China Podcast works with patreon.com for fundraising. Fans like me pledge to support the podcast--I give a dollar for each episode. I gave the site my credit card number, so I get charged automatically (up to a limit I can set each month).

As I see it, the service is great. It addresses my desire for new content by only rewarding creators when they put out new material. And it's good for you, since I don't have to remember to be generous; I set it up once, then it happens automatically.

I won't kid you; it's not the solution to your problem. Chris is only making $17 per episode off the site. But I'm a big fan of the model, and I think it's a good way forward for both listeners and podcasters. I hope you'll check it out:


Nick B

I was also coming here to suggest Patreon.

Matt Coleman

Patreon seems to fit the bill to me, as well. Also, I would buy at least 2 Gentleman Johnny shirts so as to be sure to always have one clean in case I need to impress someone. Wonderful to have you back.

John W

It's probably redundant by now, but I also came here to suggest Patreon. As a listen/reader, it's a good way to give back. Merch is great, except that it's not always items I particularly need/want. To be able to straight up donate a few bucks an episode is so much more direct.

(I'm a little sad that Chris isn't making more, yet, but I suspect Mike would do pretty well out of the gate. I choose to believe that Chris doesn't have quite the following that Mike does, yet. Although he should!)

Steve Sc

For the love of god, you must make the Gentleman Johnny t-shirt!

Chris D

I'm not sure if the Gentleman Johnny shirts thing was a joke, but put me down for one.

Josie A.

As a recent hopper-over from History of Rome, I know I would buy a "Sneaky Snake" HOR shirt or a Constantine Chi-Ro mug. Cafe Press is an easy way to design the shirts/mugs/totes/etc.

Alban G.

Really looking forward to hear this chapter on the French revolution. A great thing is that military genius plays a relatively minor role (at least, for the first years) and that you will be able to concentrate on the political ideas that were aired (I'm not through the American revolution yet, but I find the fighting a bit tedious).

Those who are interested, coursera runs a course on the French revolution as well, and it's pretty good so far.


welcome back!

put me down a t-shirt too!

also, if you bundled up tHoR and sold that, I'm sure a lot of us would buy it too.


Another couple of thoughts re: funding.

What about repackaging complete series (Rome might be split into 2-3 volumes, then Revolution: England, Revolution: America, Revolution: France, and so forth) and seeing if Amazon's Audible would let you sell them as audiobooks?

Another avenue would be Apple's iBooks, which would let you package the audio files along with maps and the text of the lectures.

Finally, I know this won't pay your bills, Mike, but I have to tell you how much I appreciate the podcasts going back to early Rome. Love these podcasts.


I'd definitely buy a tHoR themed shirt with one of your witty quotes on it


Can the back of the "Gentleman Johnny" T-Shirt say, "If you can't join 'em, Burgoyne 'em". Also, I would buy one anyway.


Great to have you back Mike, and back with a bang.
Had little tour myself, when visiting Sidney Surrey College in Cambridge University I was shown where the mummified head of our favourite revolutionary Oliver Cromwell is buried.
As you know after his death and the Restoration his body was dug up and hung and whipped. The body was decapitated and the head placed on a spike. After some months a storm knocked it over and was rescued by one of the guards who put it up his chimney!
After many adventures the head was finally delivered to his old university college, Sidney Sussex. It was reinterred complete with spike in the 1960s.
Photographs show it still has the warts attached.

Andy Seamus Hamilton

Thank God your back, and just in time to fill the post World Cup void. I would definitely pay hard cash for a "Gentleman Johnny Party Train" t-shirt... just post a link.
Also, are you planning to cover the Irish War of Independence? Because 1916 is approaching fast so the timing would be ideal...

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