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18 May 2014


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I get the feeling there's going to be a few supplemental episodes. There's a need at least.


I love your podcasts. I have quick question that might have been answered already:

Are you going to stop at the French Revolution, or are you going to try other historically significant revolutions like (in chronological order) the Meiji Restoration, the Xinhai Revolution, and the Russian Revolution?



Here's your answer Alex.


Walter Egeault

Love your work! Btw, the word for paper money is "scrip" (without the "t") - as opposed to "specie" for coin.

Karen L. Jackson

The court of St. James (!?!?!?!?!?) Don't you mean that Adams was a diplomat to the court of King George?

P.S. Your donation tab refuses to accept my Wells Fargo Visa card information

Steve Beattie

"Court of St. James" is the proper term for the royal court. It is named for St. James Palace, seat of the diplomatic corps.

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