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04 May 2014


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"...174-year-old Admiral Arbuthnot..."

Perfect delivery on that. I'm still laughing.


JSYK in this ridiculous country the word 'tabled' means the exact opposite of what it means to normal people.

Jonathan Hirsch, LTC, US Army

Meant to mention this before:
Joint means composed of more than one type of military force, such as a joint Army Navy amphibious battle.
Combined means composed of forces from more than one nation, like the combined American French forces at Yorktown. From US Joint Publication 1-1, DoD.

Maybe the French or Haitian Revolutions will see Joint Combined military operations?

Great Podcast!

rob in Richmond

Another great podcast, Mike. I'm a fan from T.H.O.R. (Still amazed at how you worked Sandy Koufax in). Any way, I have one minor quibble--Corvallis would have ferried his troops across the York River to Gloucester. The James is on the other side of that peninsula--the Jamestown side.

Anyway, me and my 11-year-old are big fans
Thank you.

Rob from Richmond

rob in Richmond

Cornwallis...pesky auto-spell.

Edward U.

Mike, amazing job on this and esp. on THoR. I was 2 years after-the-fact, but chewed thru everything in 4 months and caught up to current episodes of Revolutions today.

One thing, though, that I was sorely disappointed in. As a Marine, I was bummed that you couldn't mention Tun Tavern and the founding of the USMC in 1775? :(

Even so, you have made my life better with your podcasts. Keep up the incredible work!

Mike in Rhode Island

Loving the new show, maybe as much as I love THoR (not sure how many times I've listened to it at this point...it's actually become a touchstone for me when there's a lot of changes going on, like my current dissertation crunch and move to Chicago).

One thing that did jump out to me is that, while the final link up of the French and Continental forces did occur at Princeton for the drive south, I was always under the impression that the initial meeting of Washington and Rochambeau, troop exchange, and coordination of the campaign took place in New York, specifically what was then the town of North Castle and is now the town of Mount Kisco. While I know there isn't time to fit every minute detail in, as someone who walked past the spot of the meeting frequently when growing up, I was a bit disappointed that it didn't make the cut. Keep up the great work!


re: military jargon, "combined" can also have another meaning: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Combined_arms

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