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09 March 2014


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Charles Brenneman

Good stuff! You said on the podcast that the audio was bad.. Sounded good to me!

Geoff McCurdy

Brilliant...I love your work, can't listen to video at my job...hahaha. I have been entertained by The History of Rome for years. Keep up the good work, and I hope your wife and child are doing well!

Shane B

Quality.. profanity-laced history at its finest. I doff my cap to you sir!


I have to say, Paul Revere with the spinny Batman music playing in the background was pretty much made of awesome.

Matthew Mueller

Fabulous! I think you've got a future in this kinda thing! šŸ˜

Alex Wall

Looking forward to more of these. :-D Ha!


Well done! I loved the whole presentation!

Bryan Tonnet

The idea that Benny Hill could be somehow linked to the chaos of the American revolution is just brilliant. Love it.

John Kelly

Really, you don't give yourself enough credit. It's at least as good in quality as some of the stuff I was forced to watch in high school, and a lot more entertaining (and accurate).


Is it wrong if I liked the post-credits teaser the best?


Fantastic! I love your podcasts and listen to them all the time. This animates the stories so well!


Oh and good luck with that thesis... I am in the same boat myself.


That was awesome.

When I listen to the podcast, I find myself reflecting back on my elementary through high school education and am awestruck at how boring and lifeless they could make these stories. Maybe because the good parts are too "adult themed"???

Either way, they should put your podcasts (and this video) on the curriculum for high school history classes - seriously.

If that doesn't work out, I'd DVR you on the history channel for sure. :)


Fantastic. Obviously time is the constraint, but if you were to make more videos, alas, I would feel inclined to watch them.

Rob in Maine

The Paul Revere / Batman segue is priceless!!!!


A Fan since the earliest days of The History of Rome. Thoroughly enjoying Revolutions.

Anyway, I loved all the jokes you peppered throughout this video. You had me at the Myst reference in the first few seconds, and just kept it going...

Juan Aguilar

This was really great. How do we get this produced? Kickstarter? I'm in.


that is all sorts of awesome.

more please!


OK that was fking hilarious, literal LOL. It would be amazing if you were able to make more of these. Yeah, if you thought you had the time and inclination I'd toss money at a Kickstarter.

Jacob Bains

Its a pleasure to finally meet the ace behind the voice of the History of Rome & Revolutions Series 1 & 2. :) I will add my comments on the video segment as soon as i see the WHOLE THING. I wanted to point out to the rest of the following (no pun intended) of two episodes on the American Revolution of another iTunes U (podcast) program. the program is produced by UT-Austin, and its called 15-Minute History. The two-part episode(s) on The American Revolution is from a Global aspect, henceforth titled as such.

Episode 32: The American Revolution in Global Context, Part I 14:37 James M Vaughn, Henry A Wiencek 15 Minute History iTunesĀ U

Episode 33: The American Revolution in Global Context, Part 2 13:02 James M Vaughn, Henry A Wiencek 15 Minute History iTunesĀ U

apparently I cannot copy the hyperlink into this box, but that is as much info as I can transcribe for you.

Jacob Bains

//that was supposed to be "face" behind the voice--not ace.


Brilliant, informative, and hilarious! Lovely, lovely stuff.

Kevin Meagher

Mike? You rule!! This was HIGHlarious!!! In other words, it goes great with some of that medicinal THC we've got an abundance of here in SWF...;-)


Hey Mike,
My almost 11-year-old rolled around on the floor laughing hysterically for a good 5 minutes after I showed your video to him. (He said it was better than flying cat videos.) He is studying this exact topic in school right now and is already a history nut. We've been enjoying listening to the podcast of the American Recolution together, but this takes the cake, so far anyway!

Keep up the good work. My son is looking forward to a Yorktown video, if you might consider that.

David Bullis

Which Old North Church was it? The Old North Church that is there today? Or the Old Old North Church in North Square - Second Church - that the British burned down, and by the way, was across the street from Paul Revere's House?

I never can find out. And I LOVE the notion of a church called 'Second Church.'

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