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23 March 2014


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Another great episode.

Fun trivia: Future fifth president of the United States James Monroe served as an officer in the Battle of Trenton and was severely wounded there. He also would later be the United States Ambassador to the Court of St. James (the equivalent then of being ambassador to the UK).


Great podcast, just as good as your History of Rome.

Bob Carlson

Just found your Donate page and made use of it. I've been wondering for a long time whether this was working out for you financially. I certainly hope so! I really liked the Paul Revere video. As people commented, if history was taught this way, or with even 25% of the wit and 100% of the accuracy, history would be a favorite subject for nearly everyone.

I've done THOR end to end and am a little past the 100th episode on my second pass. It is just really, really good. I probably won't slog my way through all the late western empire stuff again, but I have little doubt I will start again at the beginning soon enough.

BTW, a large part of my podcast listening is done on my mountain bike. When I discovered THOR it was already 50-75 episodes old. I listened to the early episodes in bulk, often on night rides in the woods near Eugene, OR. I now associate Republican Rome with riding through big trees and and ferns in pitch dark.

Thank again!

Tom P

I have been listening to THOR now for a while, I came on board late, but am now through Episode 135. Great podcast, very informative and interesting. So now I'm fully on board with Revolutions. I know you're knee deep into the Revolutions tour in England, have you thought about doing something in Boston? Ok not romantic destination but OMG history central.
Just the same I thought I'd pass on a suggestion to listeners interested in anything Boston. The National Park Service has a fantastic tour of the "Battle Road" out in Lexington and Concord. If you start in Concord you can rent bikes and ride the same route marched by the British. Stops along the way in the summer and fall months have reenactments and tours of the many taverns in the area. Mix in a day in Boston walking the red line and you're in history nirvana. Definitely wait for warmer weather, but a great weekend trip.

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