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16 March 2014


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I found a few GIFs a week ago that show the troop placement during several battles in this war.

Breeds Hill: http://i.imgur.com/HXJQcVa.gif

Long Island: http://i.imgur.com/q5Ga0NE.gif

Cowpens (Spoiler Alert): http://i.imgur.com/c0RsrwQ.gif

It shows the troop placements during The Battle of Long Island. Here's another for


Thanks for the gifs, and to Mike for another superlative 'cast. REALLY can't wait for the French Revolution.

T. Scott Johnson

I love the podcast, but think there is a slight mistake in the "Independence" episode regarding Tom Paine's Common Sense.

A recent study shows that Mr. Paine's pamphlet could not have had the circulation that he claimed and the figure of 100,000 copies is most certainly his own self-aggrandizement. Even if his print shop could have printed that many copies (when paper and ink were dear commodities) it would have been nearly impossible for the pamphlet's distribution across the rest of the colonies. Both the myth of the pamphlet's omnipresence and the idea of a singly unified American tradition were simply too good for any party to pass up or demystify.

See Trish Loughren's _The Republic in Print: Print Culture in the Age of US Nation Building, 1770-1870_ (NY: Columbia UP, 2009), Chapter 2 and 3.

T. Scott Johnson
PhD Candidate in History, The Graduate Center, CUNY

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