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09 March 2014


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Disappointed to discover that Sarah Palin was right about the gun-stealing thing!

For those of you coming on The Tour, the Washington family is from the Yorkshire/Northeast area; the Washington arms can be seen in the glass of Selby Cathedral, and Washington Old Hall, in Washington village, is just north of here in County Durham. It's worth a visit if you're interested in that sort of thing but if you want a decent pub to take a break in after your trip up there you will be disappointed.


I'm loving the series so far; the American Revolution segment is wonderfully informed by the English Civil War. I'm enjoying one of my favorite historical topics in a whole new light.

I did, however, really miss any direct discussion of Lexington and Concord, embedded video notwithstanding; it kind of left a hole in the narrative, which jumps from isolated actions to full colonial siege of Boston without your usual level of explanation. Since you've already become an expert on the topic, perhaps a supplemental??

Keep up the great work.


An interesting aside...March 17th, now known as St. Patrick's Day, is a legal holiday in Massachusetts. It is however celebrated as Evacuation Day. http://www.sec.state.ma.us/cis/cishol/holidx.htm

As you can imagine, there is an interesting story around the political efforts to obtain March 17th as a state holiday...whatever it is called.

Rob Carignan

Love the new series - though I wish you gave a shout out to the Burning Of Falmouth in Oct 1775 (my home town of Portland, Maine). It's a good example of colonial resistance and a British response.

Better yet, can I plug the local hot sauce? :)
"Burning down Portland since 1775!"

p.s. the burning of Falmouth is deep rooted in Portland's psyche. Three times out fair city has been burned down onyl to arise from the ashes. Fittingly our city crest is a Pheonix and out motto "Resurgam".


Such a trip following you from an early THoR episode on the Roman Washington" to hearing your episode on the American Cincinnatus. Thanks for the journey!

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