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12 January 2014


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Brilliant series, Mike. Nuff said.


Excellent series, thank-you for your time and efforts!

In the closest of this episode, you quoted John Adams, what was the source of that quote? You mention that it's from his diary, is that available online?


Thanks for a great first series! Loved it!


I've spent the past two years coming to understand that the most important result of the English Revolution was the Scientific Revolution--and how incredibly contingent the latter was on the former. Here's a good place to start getting your head around that:


and then you can go read my papers on the subject :)


This was an awesome set and the only thing that made me sad was that the story went out of the scope of the show. Does anyone have recommendations (books, audiobook, podcast, etc) for if someone wants to continue following this thread of history?

Meredith Ruduski

What a great sequel to your History of Rome podcast! For years now, I have listened to your lectures as 'gym candy' while working out, and the Revolutions podcast is proving to be just as addictive as the last one. Looking forward to the American Revolution!

Derek Foster


I just finished the History of Rome and made a donation. You have a real gift for storytelling. I look forward to starting Revolutions.

I hope I can be a long-term patron for what you do. Thanks!


I am a little surprised and slightly disappointed that the series on the English "revolution" ended with the restoration, and not with the Glorious Revolution, which I thought is the most important English "revolution" out there.

You probably explained your reasoning for this somewhere, apologies if I missed that. But apologies also for me feeling somewhat unfulfilled at the end of your series of English history podcasts.

But irrespective of that, great podcast, and many, many thanks.


The four-week wait for the next episode will be painful.

I do agree with Barry that some explanation of the Glorious Revolution--maybe a supplemental episode?--would be great, because you made its importance clear in this episode. However, I'm loving your work here, and I trust that you've skipped it for a reason.

Your storytelling tickles my brain. Keep up the good work.


Hi Mike, just thought I'd drop in at the end to say how much I've enjoyed having you back and it's nice to listen up on English History that doesn't seem to get that much coverage even here in the UK.

I've got to echo Barry that it seems a small shame we didn't get much on the Glorious Revolution.

Looking forward to the American Revolution though, even if we get to be the "baddies" ;-)



Love the podcast.

Charles II did a little revenging on the corpse of Cromwell (and some others) after he returned, surprised that did not make it into the final cut. :)

Mark Johnson

Although the New World was on the extreme fringe of this conflict, I'd enjoy hearing what--if anything--happened "over here" that was a direct outcome of these decades of fighting and political struggle.

In the meantime, I'll read these. :-) I absolutely love your podcast!



Andre Wemans

Thank you for the very interesting series on the English Revolution, excellently done as usual. It is a period of which I knew only some more important facts and was very pleasant to learn a lot more.


Fantastic series, highly recommended.

Mike deftly weaves through the complex narrative of The Civil War. Great work, a wonderful help to my daily commute.


Amazing job so far Mike! I've been listening to Revolutions and The History of Rome on my 30 gigabyte Zune (yes, I still have one of those...)

I personally can't wait until you get into the French Revolution! Will you also be doing the Revolutions of 1848-49?

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