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01 December 2013


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Dan Mercer

Hooray! The Diggers!

Space Cake

Good motto


I can Dig it !


This supplemental is quite something. I grew up near Walton on Thames and worked at the cinema there. I have also visited St Georges Hill numerous times. Suffice to say poor GĂ©rard Winstanley is would be spinning in his grave at what it has become;nothing less than a citadel for the ultra wealthy, namely Russian oligarchs, who would probably be less then we'll disposed to unsolicited digging. On a small pronunciation point, us locals tend to say COB-um.. You attack the Cob and then ham becomes a very quick "um" - if it's the place I think it is. Brilliant podcast as ever. Thank you!

Randy Wiechman

Utopians have been misconstruing those passages from Acts 2 for almost 2000 years. It's one thing for a like-minded association of people to voluntarily hold land or other property in common. It's quite another for a government to force the issue at gunpoint.

Chris O'Regan

@Randy what would you describe Christians as - particularly the communities founded by Paul - beside Utopians? :P

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