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15 December 2013


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Sorry Mike you made a mistake with the Irish names. Connacht is a province like Ulster and is made up of 5 counties. Ulster is also made of 9 counties not 10.

Loving the new podcast.


Really enjoying the new podcast Mike. Can't wait to see what exotic revolutions you might cover after the American.


Man, Monk seems like the kinda guy you'd find in The Romance of Three Kingdoms. I dunno, he sounds like a badass.


Loving the new podcast.

Really appreciate all the work you put in!


'Do I need to get Cornet Joyce over here to explain it to you?' Still laughing at that. Unfortunately no one I know gets it.


I have to say this podcast has rehabilitated my image of Oliver Cromwell alot. He seems to be far less power hungry and more interested in the common good then his detractors painted him to be (well, common English good.)


I really love the new podcast, but at least in the itunes version the audio file seems to have jumps. In ep. 13 at ~ 21:30, it is: "...was just as good as having him sign the declaration at all *jump* open for debate how a new..." On my admittedly old ipod touch (1. gen) the playback is like a forwarding casette for about one and a half seconds after the jump. As a longtime fan of your podcasts I'd be sad if I missed out on any important information because of that. Merry christmas and a happy new year!

Aaron Martin

Mike- just getting into the history of rome (at Octavian). I have to tell you, totally addicted. A million thanks for the incredible work you've done! Can't wait to check our revolutions!

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