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10 November 2013


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Fantastic episode, I love listening every week. Thanks.


Great title! The Second Civil War was something of a flash in the pan, wasn't it? I can definitely see your frustration with Charles... Like so many monarchs about to be deposed, he had this unwavering belief that everyone would come to their senses and he could go back to being King. Maybe that's what comes of telling people they have a Divine Right

Jonathan Hirsch

I never knew about the Overton Window before. Thank you for being a great teacher!

John Grandin

The English Civil War changes its name more often than the aristocrats who fought it. Categorical vagueness is an English obsession.

Did you ever read the story that come his accession to the throne Prince Charles (yup, our present one) was planning on changing his name to King George? This stuff never ever ends.

Prince William is now the Duke of Cambridge having been both known as William Windsor and William Wales prior to his marriage to Kate Middleton (aka The Duchess of Cambridge). God knows what new title they're gearing up for Harry. Like I said, this name swapping malarkey never ends.

We don't even have a standard name for our country. Are we England, are we England and Wales, are we Great Britain or are we the United Kingdom? Lawyers are working on it, and one day after 800 years of billable time they hope to have an answer that we can all easily use.

Sam Sharpe

I haven't listened to this series yet, but I have been engrossed in your previous series The history of Rome, for the better part of three months. I am half way through it and I just want to say. Wow. Your work and dedication to this project are inspiring, and I am in love with the series. I just wanted to thank you for putting out such a splendid podcast and sharing your knowledge.

Thank you.

Captain Black

Amazing! I just found your podcasts and I've added the site to favourites. Keep up the good work.


"In Our Time" (Melvyn Bragg) had a good show on the Putney Debates last year 4/18/2013. http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/radio4/iot/iot_20130418-1115a.mp3
Viva La RevoluciĆ³n!

Albert Ross

There was another good podcast was done by Tony over at Binge Thinking HistoryL


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