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20 October 2013


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N Gibney

Many thanks for the history lessons on The English Civil War from over here in England.


Hi Mike,

Maybe you already know that, but the episode isn't in Itunes yet.


Hi Mike,

I was thinking (and this doesn't have to be this substantial) If you could maybe go into what the international reaction was to the revolution in England.


Nick C

Great to have you back Mike..back to top form from Episode 1!


Your shows are the highlight of my week and I'm always a little unhappy when they finish :P


While I'm here, I was wondering if I could ask... how far are you going to go with the Revolution? Through a "full cycle" so to speak, ending with Charles II's return to power? (That seems logical but it might be wishful thinking)


Having grown up near Huntingdon, I've always had an interest in Cromwell & the civil war. I also used to live in York, and having walked Marston Moor & seen the still visible damage to Walmgate Bar, I really enjoyed this episode. I definitely recommend a visit to Yok, Huntingdon might be worth a day trip.

Chris O'Regan

I love all the episodes so far. I've been reading ahead, and I hope when the time comes around you'll be able to explain something I don't fully understand: why did the Covenanters/Presbyterians end up in an argument with the Independents/Congregationalists? Seems like they both were religious radicals and should have been on the same side to me. Why were the Covenanters insistent on uniformity of worship and the Independents so lax about it?


Thanks for an awesome podcast. It is just as awesome as your History of Rome.
Now that Oliver Cromwell is a part of the picture, I can't help but send you this summary of the civil war by Monty Python.

Thanks again,


Seth Lynch

Another fantastic series - loved History of Rome.

One minor point: Lyme is actualy Lyme Regis

Keep up the good work



Yay, you're back on...air? wire? Anyway, very pleased to be joining your series in its early days. I listened to the six episodes released to date in one hit at work. Then listened to them again.
Driving home that evening after a nice night out, I had some Monty Python playing in the car and the Oliver Cromwell song came on. My wife asked me what that was all about. Well, didn't she get the extended version.
Love your work.

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